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Cosmic Spinner Splash

Cosmic Fidget Spinner is a toy, a 3D audiovisual physics simulation of a spinner that floats in space among stars.

As it spins and tumbles, it echoes in stereo with sci-fi sounds and glows in iridescent color.

Swipe it to spin it, pinch it to zoom it, or hold it to brake it. If you rotate your device, you can see and hear the spinner from all sides.


  • Realistic physics simulation via Euler's equations for rotating bodies
  • 3D stereo audio with echo and Doppler effects
  • Multi-touch control with each touch adding to the motion.
  • Two gravity modes
  • Create and share video
  • Fun for both young and old

  • * NOTE: Full control of the spinner with 4 or more touches requires the Multitasking Gestures to be turned off in Settings > General > Gestures

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